What Was The Original Heavens And Earth Like?



Again, allow me to emphasize that the passage of Genesis 1:2, is a restoration of the original earth. How ironic is it that this restoration is a type of the resurrection of the fallen soul of humanity that also became corrupted and void, but is restored by the same Holy Spirit who also restored or resurrected the fallen earth of Genesis 1:2?


We know that the Bible teaches that the angels were created a supernatural race of beings compared to humanity. They are today the same favored, and supernatural beings that they were originally created to be, with the exception of the fallen ones, Satan and those fallen angels that followed him in His rebellion against God. Satan and his minions have lost the holy and righteous nature that they were originally created with. Satan is now in a state of corruption, yet he still has supernatural powers and the rank of Cherubim, though he is a fallen Cherubim.


Hold on to your seat. I’m getting ready to take you on a ride you probably have never ridden. I believe that it is possible—I am not being dogmatic—that prior to the fall of Satan, the earth and heaven were merged into one united existence together, along with all of the other orbs in the second heaven, the universe, just as it shall be after the restoration of the new heavens and earth. I believe that is one of the very reasons for the reshaping of the new heavens and earth, so as to prepare them for God’s direct presence and habitation, again.


I believe that the earth was originally incorporated within the realm of the third heaven and was the dwelling place of God’s creatures as it rested in its place inside the Kingdom of heaven, and the direct presence of God.  I further believe—it is my opinion—that the angels, before the sin of Satan, may very well have been the inhabitants of the Pre-Adamic earth. I believe that it was upon the earth that Satan had dominion as a highly esteemed and elevated Cherubim of God, and the earth was his domain. Satan, then called Lucifer, led the worship and praise of God prior to his fall. I believe that after Lucifer’s fall God passed judgment upon the earth, and the fallen angels followed Satan, and rebelled against God. I also believe that God preserved and brought forth the holy angels, bringing them further into the heavenly realm before His throne, as He had cast down to the earth Satan and his fallen angels, by withdrawing Himself from their direct presence. They were no longer given continual access to God’s presence; though they were permitted to stand before God at times.


Remember, again that the fallen angels are still supernatural beings; therefore, they would not have died physically during the catastrophe of the Pre-Adamic earth. Being that they are spiritual beings, and even though they are able to materialize in human bodies, they can only die a spiritual death, which they already have, being separated from the grace, love and protection, and eternal presence of God as His holy angels. This spiritual death shall be sealed when they are placed in eternal confinement never to be released, and always knowing the holy creatures they once were, compared to what they now are for all eternity, a corrupted and condemned race of beings forever alienated and exiled in judgment by the Living God.


Author: Dr Alan A Charity

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