What Is The Pre-Adamic Earth, And Why Should You Know?

When I was a kid, I use to look all around, even into the night sky, with the twinkling stars, wondering, where did it all come from?

What do you really know about the original creation of the earth as taught in the Bible? Probably not all you think, or need to know. And, how would such knowledge cause you to have a more intimate relationship with God? Well, it would give you a clearer understanding of God’s supernatural purpose and best intentions for all his creation. More importantly, God reveals through creation his redeeming plan for every believer, resulting in the final establishment of his eternal Kingdom.  


There is a creation typology and pattern in creation which reflects the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ? So, are you ready to see the supernatural plan of God as depicted in the creation, not only of earth, but the universe? Well, here it is. Let’s begin by briefly visiting Genesis 1:1-2.


 “1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. 2 And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters”


Had there been life on the earth prior to Genesis 1:2?  If we look closely at Genesis 1:1 and other passages of the Bible, we will discover the correct answer. And after all, that is what we want. Right? So, let’s take a closer look. Verse 1 says, “In the beginning of all creation, God created the heavens and the earth.” Now, that was easy enough, wasn’t it?


Here is the kicker, though. What it does not say, as many believe, is that the beginning of the creation of the heavens and earth began in Genesis 1:2, where we find that the earth is “void and without form.”


Okay, I know what most people have been taught. So, take a minute and let that wisdom sink in.


Ready to discover what is really going on here? Good. In reality, Genesis 1:1 is some date far preceding the catastrophic earth, void and shapeless, as we find it in Genesis 1:2. You see, verse 2 actually identifies the need for a restoration of a dead planet, the earth. It is the prelude to the resurrection of the earth from its cold, void, flooded, lifeless condition which came about as a result of some catastrophic event that predated Genesis 1:2.


We know, once something or somebody we love is dead, we are powerless to bring them back to life. But, just as Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead with the supernatural power of God, likewise, the Holy Spirit, the life-giving life of God, breathed life back into the dead earth. After which Jesus, as the son of God, restored the earth to the new design of the heavenly Father. Here, we see the Holy Trinity in action, as the one God in three persons, just as they worked as one God in three persons in the rebirth of every genuine believer.


Now, back to creation, or, maybe at this point we should call it the restoration. According to Genesis 1:1 and other Bible passages, a Pre-Adamic world existed upon the earth, prior to its restoration and the creation of mankind, as you will soon see, if you continue to follow this study.


The original creation of the heavens and the earth could have taken place many thousands, millions or billions of years ago. Only God knows. 


I believe the Bible teaches about a Pre-Adamic world based upon a word study of the original Hebrew language, and a study of what the Bible teaches in the context of all of God’s supernatural Word in Scripture. I will go into more detail about this word study shortly, in another related article.


To summarize, this study reveals firstly, God never creates anything in a void and corrupted state. Knowing this, we know that the void and corrupted condition of the earth in Genesis 2:2, is not the original creation of planet earth. Therefore, the original earth was created beautiful, vital, functional and inhabitable.




Author: Dr Alan A Charity

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