Man In The Image Of God

Jake smiled at Louis. “My boy’s just like me.” And Louis did appear to be like him in every way, even being a successful science fiction novelist. They often retreated to the woods, where Jake had a large main room cabin with three bedrooms.  It was there the father and son authors would retreat to get their creative juices flowing.

At their cozy writing refuge, when the writing became mind numbing, they would take breaks to hunt, swim, fish, and chop wood, while taking turns cooking. This time it was Louis’ turn.

Jake could smell the home fries and onions as the bubbling oil from the frying chicken sang, “Oh so good.” The swirling translucent white vapor from the steamed broccoli moved like a storm cloud toward the window, being sucked out by the vent fan.

While Louis was chef, Jake noticed the manuscript his son was writing on his computer. Jakes eyes popped open, his heart dropped like the candy jar he inadvertently knocked to the floor, as tears filled his eyes.

“Louis,” he shouted. “What is this crap.” Jake covered his mouth with his hands to conceal the panting sounds of his exasperation. I thought my boy was just like me.

Louis turned toward his dad, realizing the secret Jake had discovered. “I’m sorry dad. I always wanted to be just like you, all my life?”

“Then what is this.”

“As much as we have in common, pops, I realized there are a lot of things we don’t. I wrote science fiction because you did, but now I want to write in another genre; another style.”

“But this? It is disgusting.”

“It’s me, dad.”

“But it’s not me, son. No son of mine would write something like this.”

“But dad, we can get past this.”

“All your life you have been the splitting image of me. But, no more. My son would never write this rock gut trash. It is an offence to me and it is an affront to God.”

“Sorry pops, but I’m grown. I’m doing it my way now. I write from my heart, and that is my heart.”

“It’s poison to the soul,” Jake said. He stormed out the front door, bolting to his car, backing out the drive like a bat-out-of hell, peeling rubber as he drove down the street, shaking his head as tears leaked down his shirt as if from a broken pipe.  “No son of mine would write that filth. He’s not my son. My boy is not like me, anymore.”

Jake and Louis have the same family DNA. But they have discovered they disagree about things. Louis rebelled, and in spite of their commonalities, Louis has manifested an image of himself that is detestable to his father.  

The same happened to mankind, created in the image of God.

Louis defied his biological father and fell out of harmony and agreement with his dad, losing the essential spiritual essence of what made them alike in their souls.

Because of the spiritual rebellion in the Garden of Eden, the God given image of mankind has become spiritually corrupted just like the spiritual image between Louis and his father.

Jake’s boy was not spiritually like him anymore, just as mankind is not spiritually like God anymore, except for believers in Jesus, the Christ, whom through Jesus sacrifice on Calvary’s cross, reclaimed their once lost spiritual image because they love Christ.

You know, there is a lot of lying and deception going on in the world today. But trickery is nothing new. What do you think?

I think there is a grand deception being perpetuated as truth in regard to Genesis 6:2-4. The only way to clearly see this delusion is to take our eyes off of the illusion so that we may see the truth clearly. The only way to do this is to go back to the beginning of the creation of mankind as we place our focus on the original source, which is the eternal and all-knowing Living God. We need first to grasp firmly the image of the Master who created mankind in His own image, yet in a form and essence that is not God but is able to be inhabited eternally by God.

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (Gen 1:26-27 NKJV).

The initial perception of most people in regard to man being created in the image of God is that God created mankind to resemble His physical form. However, there is a problem with that concept since God does not have by nature a physical corporal body; for God is Spirit, a non-corporeal being. Therefore, the meaning of mankind being created in the image of God must be referencing the essential essence of what makes humans, human.

Nevertheless, we also must remember that Jesus has added humanity to His divine nature and inhabits a supernatural resurrected human body to this day, as He sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven. Therefore, mankind being made in the image of God is something far greater than our limited concepts of humanity today, especially far beyond the carnal non-spiritual minds of men.

Remember also that in eternity all believers will have the same type of supernatural body that Christ Jesus is adorned in right now, in regard to the image of God. And though God did not have a physical body before Christ, God always knew that He would add to Himself the physical body of humanity through Christ; thus, God has always seen and anticipated the infallible actuality of the physical human body as being added as a part of His being.

Now getting back to the image of God.  What is it? Is it His all-knowing intellect? Is it His eternal presence in all places at all times? Is it His love or His wrath? Is it his work of reconciliation and judgment? Is it His all mighty power, including all of the elements of His nature and attributes, even those which we cannot presently conceive with our finite and limited minds?

Does the image of God point to His eternal being and exclusivity in that there is no other being such as He as it is revealed in Deuteronomy 4:39? “Therefore know this day, and consider it in your heart, that the Lord Himself is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other” (Deut 4:39 NKJV).

How about God being the One who declares and determines all things from the beginning to the end, whereas the word “end” is stated strictly as anthropomorphism for the grasping and understanding of the limited mind of mankind in reference to the eternal existence of God, while man existence exclusively in the finite realm of time.

Yet the word end has a reference to things that God brings to an end in time while having no reference to the eternal things. But, I believe that the Living God will eventually incorporate time within the eternal state of God’s Kingdom. God saying, “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure,’ (Isa 46:10 NKJV).

Certainly, God’s eternal nature is incorporated as a part of the essence of His image as God declares through the prophet Isaiah, “Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel, and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: ‘I am the First and I am the Last; besides Me there is no God” (Isa 44:6 NKJV).

Another aspect of God’s image is that of the Creator who created all things, as Isaiah tells us, saying, “I have made the earth and created man on it. I—My hands—stretched out the heavens, and all their host I have commanded” (Isa 45:12 NKJV).

Unlike God who has always existed, mankind is a created being. He can never replace God nor be God even though humanity was created in the image of God.  However, believing mankind was created to be inhabited by God eternally, and to be in an inseparable relationship and fellowship with God forever, in God’s Kingdom to come.

 Adam, when he was created, was in a relationship of fellowship and harmony with God, while Adam obediently lived in the Garden of Eden before his fall from grace. Yet Adam’s relationship with God was conditioned upon His obedience; whereas the eternal state of humanity in the Kingdom to come is unconditional based upon the salvific work of Jesus upon the cross of Calvary and the genuine acceptance of Jesus by the genuine believer.

Yet when Adam violated God’s trust and rebelled against God, he lost the essence of God’s presence which energized the essence of his humanity beyond just his physical being. Adam lost active access to the essence of his humanity which was made in the image of God.  Adam lost it because God withdrew Himself from Adam, and Adam became spiritually dead in His spirit though his body continued to live. Therefore, much of the image of God in man, after Adam’s sin, was affected to the detriment of humanity by God’s withdrawal from Adam and his posterity—including you and I.

You see, my friend, every man born is born with the dead and latent potential of the image of God within him, but needs God’s divine intervention by the Holy Spirit to regenerate that dead spirit within. Upon the regeneration of mankind in the new birth, that reborn man will once again have access to the essence of the fullness of the image of God through Christ Jesus. Isn’t that awesome?

Consider one aspect of man in the image of God in this way.  It is like a person enduring a great storm with six feet of snow everywhere, and more snow being added hourly. Suddenly, the house loses the constant electrical power from the power company once the power line is severed from the weight of the ice and snow. The winter storm rages on as the residence is snowed in. They use whatever backup fuels and foods they have in the house until it is all gone; yet when it is all gone and the conditions do not change, eventual death is inevitable. Thus, when mankind died spiritually, he no longer had the capacity to know or live in the fullness of the image that God created him in; only God can reverse things and make them like or better than they were.

This is what Jesus did when He came down from heaven and added an uncorrupted humanity from His human mother, mixed with the divine seed of God the Holy Spirit to Himself. Jesus’ humanity was not tainted by the sin of Adam because Jesus’ Federal Head was God and not a sinful man heir from Adam. Therefore the sin of Adam, as the federal head of humanity, was not transferred to Jesus because Jesus did not come forth from the body of a man’s sperm.

But rather, Jesus came forth from the seed of the Holy Spirit, combined with the seed of his human mother—Mary.  We must note that Jesus’ humanity came from His human mother, who could not transfer sin; for only a man as the federal head of humanity and the human family, transfers the sin nature of Adam to his posterity. This is clearly why divine intervention was required in order for mankind to be redeemed by a sinless man with a divine nature also.

It is Jesus’ pure and unadulterated humanity, and Jesus salvific work upon the cross of Calvary, which is freely and graciously given to the elect—every believer who trust in Him as their Master and Savior.

Jesus work on the cross restores those reborn believers into a new relationship with God, and grants those believers renewed access to the fullness of the latent image of God within them. In the new birth, believers go from being spiritually dead to being spiritually alive. The full potential of the image of mankind has been reactivated and made alive in all of believing humanity, through Jesus the Christ.

Those who do not believe just do not have the ability to turn on the fullness of the latent image of God in their humanity without the divine intervention of Jesus. It is like a toy car that runs on batteries. Without a battery that toy car has the potential to roll and flash its lights; however, until a battery is placed into it that toy car is as much a rolling toy as is a rock. But place a battery in it as God has placed His Spirit in a reborn humanity, and that toy becomes all that it was originally created to be, as mankind becomes all that humanity was created to be. Mankind discovers through Christ Jesus, why mankind was created in the image of God.

So what is the exactness of what God meant when He created man in the image of God? Why is this image so important to humanity today? Why is the image of God so important to humanity in eternity and in the Kingdom of God, to come?

These are very important questions, and the answers are things that will open Holy Scripture up in a way that will enlighten you as you continue your quest to understand the image of God, and the image of God in humanity, as well as its significance and importance to you as a believer, or one seeking to know God. 

Your discovery will also add a great clarity to understanding certain elements of the prophetic word.  It will answer questions that in the ancient days were well known and understood, but in many contemporary churches have had a veil cast over the truth of God’s Word with the veil meant to mislead.

Who is it that wants to mislead the church? Why do they want to mislead the church? Well, one way to discover the answers is to continue with this study. For some it will be difficult to accept, for others, they are so invested in misinterpretation that they are immovable.

All that I can say is to let the Word of God speak for itself and yield to the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit so that you may see and learn that which God has placed in His Word for you to know.  Let us watch prophecy unfold together.

Another study to follow, will eventually lead you to understand why Satan attempted to corrupt humanity through the propagation of an other than pure human hybrid in Genesis 6:2-4.

This upcoming study will not cost you a dime. It will be detailed with information that you will not want to miss. Search for it under, the “Image of God,” in the search category.



Author: Dr Alan A Charity